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Transaction Capital Recoveries provides a comprehensive range of customer management and capital solutions to South Africa’s largest credit providers.

It's core service is the collection of accounts receivable across the credit lifecycle, including early stage rehabilitation, late stage collections and legal recoveries, using both call centre and legal collections. Capital solutions are provided in the form of distressed debt purchasing and structural outsourcing.

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Recoveries Corporation Group was founded in 1991 in Melbourne Australia and provides consumer customer management solutions to a well-diversified client base within the government, insurance, banking and finance, utilities and telecommunications market sectors within Australia.

Services include debt recovery solutions, insurance claims recoveries, customer services and litigation management services. Recoveries Corporation employs approximately 600 staff in Australia and its call centre and corporate services centre in Suva, Fiji.

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Transaction Capital Payment Solutions (previously known as BDB), specialises in delivering customised, innovative, flexible and tailor-made services to suit your business needs.

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Transaction Capital Business Solutions, provides business support and working capital finance to SMEs that may not otherwise have access to credit, thereby facilitating both SME growth and job creation.

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The Beancounter was founded in 2008 and provides fully outsourced accounting, payroll and tax services through “software-as-a-service” technology to SMEs on a monthly retainer basis. The acquisition provides Transaction Capital with an early entry into the specialist, cloud accounting services market in South Africa, and will augment Transaction Capital Business Solutions’ existing offering to its SME clients. Furthermore, working capital funding can be offered into Beancounter’s SME client base.

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Principa provides customer management solutions leveraging its consulting, data analytics and technology capabilities. Focusing mainly on the consumer credit lifecycle, it assists its clients to originate, retain and grow customers, to lend responsibly and collect in the most cost-effective manner and to improve their customer experience.

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Empowers South African consumers with the knowledge of their personal credit information.

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Road Cover was founded in 2005 and offers its value added services to the mass consumer market on a subscription basis. Members obtain access, at no additional cost, to high quality legal and administrative services aimed at assuming the complexity and expense associated with processing claims against state-run public schemes or state insurance funds, with members receiving 100% of their awarded claims.

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Our operations as at 30 September 2017


  • Operational integration of 3 business acquisitions executed successfully
  • Ranked 1st or 2nd by our Clients in 89% of 231 mandates
  • Successful relocation of JHB call centre to cost effective facility in the CBD
  • Contingency & FFS revenue: Adjacent insurance, telecommunications, public sectors now contribute 27% (FY16: 20%)
  • Strategic growth initiatives
    • Current economic climate in South Africa favours acquisition of NPL portfolios
    • Exploring the purchase of NPL portfolios as a principal in Australia
    • Growth of TCRS’ fledgling insurance recoveries offering in South Africa
    • Road Cover products offered directly to consumers
    • Bolt-on acquisitions in:
    • - Value-added services in South Africa
      - Debt recoveries industry in Australia

Our portfolio:

195 principal books
29 books purchased for R356 million
231 contingency & fee-for-service client mandates in South Africa
86 contingency & fee-for-service clients in South Africa
41 contingency & fee-for-service clients in Australia

Resulting in for 2017:

̴ 27 million outbound calls per month
̴ 5 million voice interactions per month
̴ 560 000 payments received each month
̴ R27 billion of payments processed for clients each year
̴ R588 million advanced to black owned SMEs

Societal relevance

TCRS’ activities broadly contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the South African and Australian credit systems. This includes the acquisition of distressed book debts, which assists clients to strengthen their balance sheets by accelerating cash flow and removing non-performing loans (NPLs), thus improving their ability to continue providing debt finance into the consumer market.

It also assists clients to lend responsibly, to identify which consumers to lend to, and to then collect successfully. This supports the affordability of credit by mitigating unnecessary pricing for risk.

In undertaking collections, the primary focus is on rehabilitating indebted consumers by helping them understand the importance of repaying their debts as a legal obligation, and structuring payments in a manner they can afford. This contributes to indebted consumers remaining active participants in the credit system.