SA Taxi

SA Taxi is a vertically integrated minibus taxi platform utilising specialist capabilities, enriched proprietary data & technology to provide developmental finance, insurance & other services to empower SMEs & create shared value opportunities thus enabling the sustainability of the minibus taxi industry.

Over 20 years, SA Taxi’s business model has evolved from a speciality financier within the minibus taxi sector into a vertically integrated mobility platform offering access to minibus taxi ownership, finance, insurance, maintenance and other allied services. Foundational to its business model are proprietary data sets and analytics capabilities that allow SA Taxi to predict risk and manage it in real time.
Sean Doherty - Chief Financial Officer | Transaction Capital

CEO Sean Doherty
Group tenure – 3 years

Societal Purpose

SA Taxi’s societal purpose is to enable mobility access for millions of minibus taxi commuters by supporting taxi entrepreneurs who would otherwise remain outside the formal economy, thus also contributing to job creation.

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