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Transaction Capital hit by SA Taxi restructure but subsidiaries WeBuyCars and Nutun holding their own despite the tough economic environment

11 September 2023

Transaction Capital announces change in CEO

11 September 2023

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Transaction Capital delivers a strong operational performance in the 2022 financial year with earnings growing in line with historical growth rates

15 November 2022

Transaction Capital delivers a strong performance for the six months ended 31 March 2022 with earnings growing at rates higher than pre-pandemic levels

18 May 2022

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Transaction Capital delivers a strong recovery in earnings, with the group returning to its long-term track record of growth in the 2021 financial year

16 November 2021

Transaction Capital increases its shareholding in WeBuyCars from 49.9% to 74.9%

27 May 2021

Transaction Capital demonstrates a decisive recovery, with core headline earnings from continuing operations up 29% from 2019’s pre-COVID levels

12 May 2021

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Transaction Capital delivers robust performance in COVID-19 environment with 10% growth in core pre-provision profits

24 November 2020

Transaction Capital subscribes for a non-controlling 49.9% of the ordinary shares in We Buy Cars Proprietary Limited

8 September 2020

Deterioration in consumers’ propensity to repay debt amid COVID-19 pandemic

23 July 2020

Transaction Capital delivers robust performance in turbulent environment with 19% growth in earnings pre COVID-19 adjustments

13 May 2020

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Transaction Capital delivers excellent full year results amid tough economic conditions; earnings and dividends continue to grow organically

26 November 2019

Transaction Capital extends its track record of high-quality earnings growth

15 May 2019

No signs of improvement in credit rehabilitation outlook for Q4 2018

18 February 2019

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Transaction Capital extends robust organic growth; positioned to continue growing earnings and dividends organically at historical rates

20 November 2018

SANTACO acquires 25% in SA Taxi for R1.7 billion

19 November 2018

Modest positive trend in Transaction Capital’s Consumer Credit Rehabilitation Index (CCRI)

19 July 2018

Transaction Capital maintains its high growth track-record with earnings rising 22% in H1 FY18

16 May 2018

Transaction Capital Consumer Credit Rehabilitation Index (CCRI)

5 March 2018

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Transaction Capital extends its track-record of robust organic growth for FY17

21 November 2017

Transaction Capital Consumer Credit Rehabilitation Index (CCRI)

16 August 2017

Transaction Capital reports 21% interim earnings growth

24 May 2017

SA Taxi and SEFA sign R100 million finance deal

2 March 2017

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Transaction Capital deploys R500 million for acquisitive growth

22 November 2016

Transaction Capital enters the Australian debt recovery market, acquiring 100% of Recoveries Corporation for A$33 million plus a further potential A$10 million payable subject to profit warranties

14 November 2016

Transaction Capital delivers 19% organic earnings and 20% dividend growth

10 May 2016

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Transaction Capital reports 20% organic growth in HEPS and a 38% increase in dividends per share

24 November 2015

Transaction Capital generates 22% organic growth in HEPS

5 May 2015

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Transaction Capital generates 18% growth in continuing headline earnings per share

25 November 2014

Transaction Capital reports solid interim results, de-risked by unsecured lending exit

6 May 2014

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